Our 2017 Kade's Klassic Beneficiary Family is

Ryan Mayfield Family of Elkhorn

Ryan was born 6 weeks prematurely, on September 30, 2008.  At eight months Ryan was diagnosed with global development delays and therapies began. Genetic testing was advised by Ryan's doctors but insurance would not cover the expensive testing.  In 2010 an MRI revealed he had a Chiari Malformation (part of his brain was extending down his spinal canal) and surgery was required as this condition was causing hydrocephalus (fluid buildup in the brain).  Soon after the surgery Ryan was placed on epileptic medications, which in turn cause an array of side effects; seizures started along with muscle weakness, decreased appetite and temper tantrums.  At this time the insurance company agreed to approve the genetic testing and that test revealed Ryan had an abnormality of Chromosome 18. Doctors told us Ryan could write his own book as there is no one out there with the exact same Chromosome 18 match to Ryan’s.

From the time of the discovery of the Chromosome 18 abnormality our family rode the roller coaster of good times and those not so good.  Ryan started school, was riding the bus and was a happy boy.  But then an MRI revealed he had scar tissue in his left temporal lobe and it needed to be surgically removed.  10 months post brain surgery, the seizures returned with a vengeance.  While attempting to control the seizures, maintaining his weight became a problem and a G-tube needed to be placed. 

Ryan still has seizures but at this time he seems to be responding his strict new diet. His diagnosis requires around the clock care and we as a family are providing that ourselves.  We are truly humbled the Kade’s Klassic family has chosen us to be the recipient of the 2017 benefit.

I recently read, “God gives special needs children to regular everyday parents, who choose to step up and be strong for their child. That special child teaches you life lessons that you never could have anticipated, and throughout your journey together, you learn how to become the parent your child needs.”.  Our faith in God and knowing He is standing beside us has helped us with our journey.