Quinn Esch


Wow! It seems like only yesterday we were awaiting the day we could bring him home from the NICU. Quinn has exceed some of the expectations we were told a week after he was born. We were told he would have the capacity of a six month old and that was all we should expect from him, well he now averages around the capacity an eight month old and is not showing any signs of stopping. He is rolling every were, sitting up on his own, and trying so hard to move forward on his hands and knees. With Quinn being deaf, communication can be difficult. He does have hearing aids, but we still do not know how much they are helping, so we are working on learning American Sign Language (ASL). Between going to an ASL class, books, and videos we now know some signs and are trying to show them to Quinn. Feeds are still a struggle, though he shows interest in eating which gives us hope that some day we will be able to get rid of the feeding tube. We have been able to wean him off of the oxygen, he pretty much just has that on at night and after winter is done we will probably be able to get rid of it all together along with two of his four medications. His heart issues will be life long, he sees the cardiologists every three months for an echo just to see if anything has changed, and so far the thickness in his heart is growing with him so not getting any worse but also not getting any better. Quinn is a very happy little boy, who loves his sister and brother very much. We are looking forward to getting out more with Quinn this summer, even doing other things we use to do before Quinn - like camping and even just going to the park.