The Ogrizovich Brothers are growing and thriving!

Since having his heart surgery as an infant in 2014, Milan Ogrizovich, now three years old, has regained full control over his vocal cords and has no problems talking, eating, singing (and yelling). His vocal cord is still slightly paralyzed and he can’t always get the amount of air he needs through his airways efficiently, but at this point the hope is that his body continues to compensate and perhaps grow out of that concern.  He is monitored closely by ENT and his cardiologist, and has undergone one minor surgery the fall of 2017. He loves playing his drums, air guitar, real guitar, dancing, wrestling, playing catch, riding his bikes (FAST) and music. He has an amazing sense of humor, energetic spirit and is so proud of the friends he has made at his Montessori pre-school.

Milan’s older brother, Luka, now six years old, continues to defy the odds. Since his liver transplant in 2010, he has experienced a totally different and improved quality of life. His family closely monitors his care both for his rare metabolic disorder as well as his post-transplant needs. There is still a lot to learn about Propionic Acidemia.  Luka is one of few people who have survived such a severe spectrum of this rare disorder and a liver transplant. After a tonsillectomy and adenoid removal in the fall of 2017, Luka’s health has stabilized and he has not been hospitalized or treated for upper respiratory illnesses nearly as often!  Luka is in kindergarten and is known for his kindness and enthusiasm. Recently diagnosed with Autism, Luka does best when he follows a plan and knows what is coming. He loves trains, legos and the movie
Cars.   In July of 2018, Luka will be participating in a medical research study at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD.

The Ogrizovich family continues to take life one day at a time, finding joy and peace in the most ordinary of moments.  Their children continue to be their greatest teachers. They moved to a small farmhouse outside of Madison in November of 2016 to be closer to the American Family Children’s Hospital and Waisman Center.

“What we never expected amidst the scariness of facing our children(s) illnesses, is the overwhelming love and support the world would show us. The impact that Kade’s Klassic has had on us will continue to ripple throughout the rest of our lives. Not only were we given the support financially that we needed to continue to show up and provide for our children, but we were also given a renewed sense of love, hope and faith. It is such an honor to be a part of this group. We are inspired by the entire team behind Kade’s Klassic to show up and truly make a difference in this world. Thank you.” –Ryan & Malory Ogrizovich