Jackson Katterhagen


Jackson has been doing great. He is growing everyday and is enjoying life. He is still in remission as of November of 2012. His protocol treatment for neuroblastoma ended in May of 2013. He since has been enrolled in a trial study through Helen DeVoss children's hospital in Michigan. It is the DFMO trial. He is required to take medicine everyday. This is in hopes to keep the cancer away. So far the study is doing it's job!!!! Since at this time there is no true post treatment for children with neuroblastoma. We travel to Michigan every 3 months for scans and blood work and once a month to Chicago for clinic. Other then that it is normal life for all of us. I went back to work in November of 2013 and it has been great. Was welcome back with open arms here!!! DJ is doing great. Jackson is in preschool and loving new friends and learning. We couldn't be happier with being back to a "normal" life. We are truly grateful for all everyone has done for our family.