Evan Bray


Initial diagnosis: Legg-Calve-Perthes disease Course of treatment: Traction-surgery-casts-braces-therapy Current condition: Evan is in the post-active stage of his disease. He has issues with leg length, but they are minor. We will be monitoring him until he reaches adulthood. Interests and activities: In school Evan enjoys artwork, choir, and a little sports. He is active in 4-H and loves his project animals and his pets. We also enjoy hunting and fishing together whenever time allows it. Has Kade's Klassic been helpful? Yes, we were reluctant to be a recipient family of Kade's Klassic. That year was a truly humbling experience. The consideration and generosity of the people involved and all who support it is truly amazing.  The financial assistance was very beneficial, but what we have experienced beyond that is life-changing. We are very lucky that while Evan's disease was serious and possibly crippling we view it as more an inconvenience. But for a few years it truly was a grind. Now everything is manageable. Each year we work with past recipient families to organize the annual event, many of whom are still dealing with serious medical issues. Their strength, resolve, and positive approach is impressive and refreshing. We look forward to working with these people and love them all. Kade's Klassic is a class organization and provides a much needed service for serious causes. Overall this has been a tremendous experience and we hope people realize how important their support is and how much it is appreciated. THANK YOU EVERYONE from Evan and his family